Evaluating the proper product and supplier can be a challenge based on the wide selection and similar benefits available. TKDW maintains the status of impartiality so it can recommend, evaluate or procure the right product or the right application.

Metalworking Fluids

Coolant filtration-comprehensive support for those involved with industrial liquid filtration: equipment and media suppliers who serve the market and users of filtration for their processes.


TKDW provides support for all phases of project development including feasibility, construction, operations and maintenance. TKDW has performs expert services in numerous project development activities and feasibility studies. We apply our engineering, operations, maintenance and analytical skills to all types of proposed industrial projects to international standards.

Process Implementation

Analyses enable us to control the quality of our metalworking products and lubricants. It helps to determine the need to discharges to our environment. Without good analyses, we would have no effective monitoring of the performance and quality characteristics and no resulting in poor industrial economy. Clearly, because analytical chemistry plays such a key role in the metalworking and lubricant performance, it is of vital importance that the results produced from an analytical service be impartial, timely, precise, and accurate.

Testing Regime

In today's business climate, the desire to maximize production efficiency is a constant objective. Nowhere is this more evident than in metalworking manufacturing. Properly managed coolant recycling programs can be extremely effective. Many users of coolant recycling systems report significant reductions in coolant disposal costs, concentrate purchased, cost of tools and fewer parts rejects. With respect to management of metalworking coolants, zero discharge is a goal of the future attainable with equipment available today.

Recycling and Reclamation

Maintenance Services

Engineering and Consulting

TKDW helps customers save money on building and manufacturing waste. Our approach to pollution control and energy management plan is to develop procedures that eliminate waste, and minimize the effect of the rising cost of the energy used in a facility. Waste can be eliminated by recognizing how it occurs.


Energy and Pollution Reduction

Experience has shown that many manufacturers have operation problems with their metalworking fluids, industrial lubrication, filters, tooling and many other process related problems. Provide initial troubleshooting by telephone, followed by on-site visits to solve your operational problems. TKDW can also offer training seminars to operators so they can achieve high quality consistently.


TKDW helps to audit existing or design for proper chemical storage controls health or physical hazards posed by chemical compounds during storage. Our approach is to utilize international standards designed to protect flammables from ignition; minimize the potential of exposure to poisons; and segregate incompatible compounds to prevent their accidental mixing (via spills, residues, earthquakes, fires or human error).

Warehouse and Logistics

TKDW offers its experience acquired in providing consultancy services for resources recovery, treatment and disposal for all types of manufacturing waste.

Waste, Water, Solid Treatment

TKDW has developed a Plant Performance Audit Program designed to assess the effectiveness of plant management, operations, maintenance, economics and training.  Although the program is designed as a comprehensive audit, it can be customized to address just one area or as many areas as desired. The audit process is performed using documented performance objectives and guidelines representing typical "industry standards".  While the performance objectives are broad in scope, the evaluated standards are more specific, focusing upon individual equipment and/or management activities.


System-Care contracts is designed to reprocess water-diluted fluids this includes aqueous cleaners, as well as water soluble cutting and grinding fluids at your plant. System-Care is able to coalesce and filter solution on a weekly basis using TKDW resources. The sump is extended before having to dispose of the fluid.


TDKW System Care

Dedicating one or more staff that has a sound understanding of these process requirements is a definite advantage. To be successful in achieving and maintaining compliance, customers should implement a facility wide program that motivates, educates, and trains all employees in proper chemical control procedures.

Chemical Management Services

Chemical Management Services

TKDW provides services to helping our customers to implement a Total Quality Management program. Whether it is TQM, ISO, six-sigma, 5S, risk management, customer relationship or other process improvement programs, TKDW provides years of experience helping to improve the management of the work place.

Total Quality Management

Appraisal, avoidance and elimination of harmful impacts together with implementation of new environmentally-friendly technologies, require close collaboration between experts from different disciplines. At TKDW, our teams of engineers prepare multi-facetted approaches to tackling problems and implementing solutions. Alongside their expertise in handling environmental concerns while meeting local needs TKDW can draw on extensive international experience, and assessment techniques. Results of our collaboration can help customers in gaining ISO certifications.

Health, Safety and Environment

An important aspect of efficient power plant operations is an effective training and qualification program. The TKDW training staff performs on-site evaluations of your training needs to develop a comprehensive program utilizing a combination of:

 Computer-based training

 Class-room training

 On-the-job training

 Plant specific study guides

Employee Training

TKDW has earned a reputation within the industry of providing our clients with the highest quality marketing research services; quantitative and qualitative, completed on time and on budget. Our hallmarks are supplier involvement, outstanding price value, and the fastest turn around in the industry.

Marketing Research and Product Procurement

Business Process Improvements

Engineering Design and Plant Audit

Tooling management allows for training, quick problem solving or overall management of the tooling cycle. An 'entry level' tooling management and tooling 'vending' system supports process planning, stock control, logistics, tool application, tool maintenance and process optimization. Innovative tooling storage systems.

Tooling Consultation

An effective maintenance program is the backbone of an efficient plant. TKDW will assist in the development, implementation and periodic review and update of your Preventive Maintenance (PM) Program. Our experienced engineers will develop or assist in the development of the master equipment / asset list, preventive maintenance tasks and procedures, and spare parts database, integrated with the existing maintenance program if applicable.


TKDW possesses an in-depth knowledge of the latest fluid management techniques available. This is obviously desirable to maintain optimum performance of the metalworking products used.

System Controls

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